Service area for caravans in A Coruña

Our service area is tailored for travelers in search of a safe and comfortable spot to rest during their journey. It’s the perfect place to stop on your next camper van trip!

Caravan site

We are a motorhome and caravan area located in A Frouxeira beach, a privileged environment in Valdoviño (Galicia).

We have everything arranged to ensure you enjoy your stay with the utmost comfort possible, leaving you free to focus on enjoying the fine sand, natural dunes, unique sunsets, and all surrounded by the most breathtaking environment.

Autocaravanas y Caravanas en Valdoviño A Coruña

Come with your motorhome to a unique destination…

Galicia is home to countless beaches, some of the best in Europe. Explore the stunning coastlines of northern Spain, where you can enjoy pristine sands, thrilling surfing and bodyboarding, or simply soak in the unique sunsets. Immerse yourself in this protected natural environment—it’s an experience you won’t forget. Don’t wait any longer; hit the road in your motorhome and join us!

Caravan Service Area in a Privileged Natural Setting

A Frouxeira beach is one of the longest in Galicia, with over 5 kilometers in length, Its weather conditions make it an excellent spot for surfing.
A Frouxeira is surrounded by other beaches renowned for surfing, such as Campelo beach, Villarube beach, or Pantín beach. For over 25 years, Pantín has hosted a qualifying event for the international surf circuit: the Pantín Classic.
Área de Servicio para Autocaravanas y Caravanas