Visiting A Coruña by motorhome

A Coruña is an ideal destination to explore by motorhome. Discover its beaches, monuments, and unique gastronomy. It’s time for an adventure!

Beaches and Surf

From the Ferrol estuary to Cedeira, you’ll find numerous long beaches with fine, white sand, complemented by charming coves and lighthouses perched on rugged cliffs.

This is an ideal spot for enjoyable walks and for engaging in water sports such as surfing or windsurfing.

O Paraño viewpoint

Valdoviño is renowned for its stunning stretches of the Galician coast, particularly showcasing the natural areas of A Lagoa or A Frouxeira sandbanks.

Both the beach and the lagoon of A Frouxeira are environmental treasures that can be fully appreciated from the O Paraño viewpoint.

Banco de Loiba

Known as the “World’s Best Bench,” this iconic seat is situated along the coast of Loiba (Ortigueira). From here, visitors can marvel at breathtaking views stretching from Cape Estaca de Bares to Cape Ortegal. It’s a must-see attraction on the northern coast of La Coruña. its tranquil ambiance and stunning cliff vistas attract thousands of tourists annually.

Fragas do Eume

As Fragas do Eume is a natural park located in A Coruña (Galicia). It covers 9,126 hectares along the banks of the Eume River.

It was declared a ‘Site of Community Importance’. Its ‘fragas’ (thickets) are considered one of the best examples of Atlantic thermophilic forest on the European continent.

Cape Ortegal

Cape Ortegal is the second most northern cape of the Iberian Peninsula, only behind Cape Estaca de Bares.

The closest town is Cariño, a significant fishing port and an ideal launching pad for exploring Cape Ortegal and its lighthouse. Cape Ortegal forms a vast arch opening to the ocean, bordered by two striking rocky outcrops: Punta Do Limo to the west and Punta de Os Aguillóns to the east.

Ártabra Coast

The Ártabra Coast hosts a wide variety of scenic elements, including: Sierra de Capelada, The beach and lagoon of Valdoviño , and Doniños lagoon.

Sierra de Capelada is a geologically complex area of great interest, featuring coastal cliffs with up to five hundred meters of height difference, temporary waterlogging areas, and some peat bogs.

Valdoviño Lagoon hosts about a thousand waterbirds during the winter period and features a significant area covered by vegetation.

Doniños Lagoon, the deepest coastal lagoon along the Galician coast, is separated from the sea by sand dunes.

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